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I (Spring 2013)

Imagine hospitality like you never experienced, imagine the refinement of Persian culture, imagine the wonderful sceneries from the long desert stretches of the East to the green plateaux of Kurdistan. Iran is not like you expect it to be, it’s a country with a big heart.

Turkmenistan (Summer 2013)

Turkmenistan is one of the most closed country in the world. Like most travellers, I could only get a transit Visa so I had only 5 days to cross the 500 kilometres between Iran and Uzbekistan. The desert was pretty hot in June but the people were nice… they were so sorry to see me cycling with a black T-shirt in the desert that they gave me money to buy a white one !

Uzbekistan (Summer 2013)

Uzbekistan is the heart of the Silk Road with wonderful cities such as Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand. On Uzbek road, I met a lot of travellers on bicycle and even two travellers on foot! The South/East of the country was very rural and authentic and the nature became more wild and rocky as I got closer to Tajikistan.

Tajikistan (Summer 2013)

Years ago, when I dreamt about travelling, I dreamt about dirt roads going through green pastures, I dreamt of high peaks and moon-like landscapes, I dreamt of remote valleys and tiny villages with customs I’ve never heard of… I found all this in Tajikistan! On the M41 road, I cycled along vertiginous cliffs after the scenic Khaburabot pass, then along the Afghan border in the beautiful Wakhan Corridor. After the aridness of the Kargush pass, I reached the green Pamir plateau where yacks are grazing by the yurts of the nomads at 4000m… Tajikistan is a mountainous land of wonderful nature and adventure.

In this first video, I’m heading from Dushanbe to Khorog following the M41 Highway.

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