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  1. nice to see you two in Gülpinar at the temple of Apollon, you are very courage’s to travel on TR roads, the people here around are very warm and nice, there is no crime, but the streets are risky, TR driver overestimate their skills or been just of there head will sitting behind the wheel. Do not cross east-south Turkey their is war, everyday soldiers are killed, you could be a easy target.
    Good eye your having on the camera, congratulations.

    d & m

  2. Hi Metlem and David,
    Thanks a lot for your nice message. We will be very careful and of course we will avoid the war areas as much as possible,
    Best Regards,

  3. Hi philip
    I hope you and your wife had a nice time in your trip aspecially in shiraz.I saw you and yoyr wife in “saraye moshir ” at Bazar you saw silver ring and walking round the garden in the yard at secobd floor,Do you remember me (Saman) and my cousin(Arash)?

  4. Hi there ,
    It’s me , whom you met in Fujairah, UAE WE ALSO HAD A PICTURE together .
    Nice to meet you guys . Hope you had lot of fun and amusement .
    Doing really well guys . Keep it up!

  5. Hello JP-! Im han in Korea-! Who met u guys in colmar at 2014!
    Thesedays I here many kinds of bad news from all over the world.
    Im just hope you to travel safety 🙂
    Always enjoy ur traveling and you guys time!!
    I ll visit this web site as frequent as possible!!
    Have a nice day!!

  6. Hi Han,
    Thanks a lot for your kind message. We’re all fine, now cycling in Northern Vietnam =)
    Yes, humans are sometimes driven to do horrible things… sometimes they talk about it in the media, but most of the time they don’t.
    What I see, there is a lot of ignorance which drives in return a lot of suffering.
    I don’t have a solution for it but for sure fear brings nothing good. The best way to fight suffering is probably to fight its root, to fight ignorance, not only with education (because I see a lot of educated people being damn stupid!) but with tolerance, empathy, patience and compassion.
    Despite all the madness, I think that the world today is pretty safe… It looks safer when you don’t switch on the TV 😉
    I’ve met the kindest people in the middle east in places that our media depict as dangerous. I’ve met good people from every religion and also bad guys in every religion, every country, every style. Most people live their religion like a package of ideas which they adopt more or less as a part of their identity without much spirituality… in Asia, so many monks take selfies and spend days on their smartphones. Spirituality today is not linked to religion and the world in general lacks a lot spirituality. The material world will not save us…
    It is the challenge of every human to make this world a better place for everyone, and it starts with hopes and smile =)

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