Mar 292016
These days we are cycling in central Thailand. Coming from the Arabic Peninsula, we’re already used to cycling in hot weather, but nights! In this season, nights are unbearably hot in Thailand, so hot that we just stay motionless and sweaty on our mats, hoping for a little draft… How will we survive Burma in April? I wonder. But that’s not the point of this post, the photos of UAE and Oman are now online !!!

United Arab Emirates : view photos

We reached Dubai by boat from Southern Iran. We arrived at night, exhausted from our trip and after cycling more than two hours in the madness of Dubai traffic, we were welcomed by our hosts with this sentence : “Would you like vodka or whisky?”
After almost two months in Iran, we felt like some dangerous things were going on here =) but we were happy to have a drink and relax. After few days of cooking, visiting and planning in Dubai, we left the ultramodern architecture and headed for the desert. Cycling out of Dubai was challenging. We felt small and weak between the huge roaring FWD cars rushing down 7 lines highways.
When night came, we simply put our tent in Dubai, with a view on Burj Kalifa… no one cared =)
Out of the cities, the roads were surrounded by fences. We didn’t like this “parked nature” and it was complicated to find places to camp… but we got invited in the country house of a lovely woman we met on our way !

Burj Kalifa, the highest building in the world

Oman : view photos

Oman is the kind of place you don’t usually hear about, because this is rich and peaceful land. However travellers who have been to Oman often tell beautiful tales about their adventure and I was wishing to visit Oman for years…
Oman is a wide country but most of it is desert. The most inhabited part is the north, near the Gulf coastline and around the arid mountains. We cycled first along the coast and slept many nights on the beach, then we went to the mountains and chose some less travelled ways. Some roads were truly hardcore, so steep that I was afraid my bicycle would flip back ! Apart from a bunch of crazy drivers (drift lovers), Omanis are so calm and kind that this is a very relaxing country to travel to.

An evening with Abdullah's family

Like in the emirates, almost half of the country popuation are Indians, Pakistanis or Bengali immigrants, working in coffee shops, tailors and construction sites. As for us, we enjoyed the cheap and delicious Indian food during all our journey in Oman…
In Muscat, we were welcomed by a lovely Iranian couple (Shima and Fariborz) who cooked for us some delicious Iranian food and helped us a lot with the packing and sending of our bicycles !

Wadi Hawqayn, Oman

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