Mar 122016
After cycling in the mountains of Oman, we’re now planning our Asian trip in Muscat where we are hosted by a lovely Iranian couple.

We’ve finally uploaded all our photos of Iran =)

Iran 2015 : view photos

After a freezing ride in the hills south of Teheran, we arrived in holy city of Qom, the most religious city in Iran. We quickly cycled on to Kashan, a city with wonderful architecture which I didn’t visit on my first trip to Iran. Then we headed south for Na’in, the first town we passed with the typical architecture of the desert cities (windtowers, watermills, ice reservoirs…). On our way to Yazd, we also crossed Ardakan (where we visited chakchak, the center of Zoroastrianism) and Meybod, another town with a nic desert atmosphere. Finally we reached Yazd, one of our favourite place in Iran.
We left our bicycles in Yazd and went to visit Shiraz and Esfahan by bus. In Esfahan we had the weirdest of New Year’s Eve, drinking tea with Iranians who wished us many times “Merry Christmas!” 😉

Nasir el Molk Mosque in Shiraz

Iran 2016 – The South and Islands : view photos

From Esfahan we moved on to a remote desert village called Merv. There we watched the stars in the sand dunes and saw our first camels of the journey. Back to Yazd, we got back our bicycles and headed south to the Palm Oasis of Haji-Abad and reached the sea in Bandar Abbas. There wasn’t much to see in Bandar Abbas but there we took a boat to the tiny island of Hormuz. The colourful mountains of Hormuz enchanted our eyes… We continued our journey in Qeshm where we saw amazing rocky landscapes, canyons and typical banderi villages where women wear masks. Finally we went back to the mainland and followed the coast westward until Bandar Lengeh where we took a boat across the Persian Gulf, heading for Dubai.
[singlepic id=12230 w=600 h=420] PS: There is so much to say about Iran, here I just wrote a bit of the chronology so that you can know where the pics are from… hope you enjoy them 😉
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  1. Hello. I am that officeman who guids you in the qom in the holy shrine of fatema masuma. Do you remember drinking tea in the biggest site of holy shrine? And i explained for you about imam hossein.

    Your page is nice.

    Be happy.

  2. Hello Hamid,
    Of course I remember you and I remember drinking tea with you. We will never forget the visit of the Holy Shrine of Fatema Masuma in Qom.
    We learned more about Imam Hossein when we went further south to Kashan, Na-in, Yazd…
    Thanks you for your comment, I wish you all the best too.

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