Oct 232015
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This night lightnings are illuminating our room, we hear the rain flowing down the pipes… It was definitely a good idea to make a small break today in the lovely coastal town of Ayvalık, in Turkey.

Justine and the Black Sea

You can now browse our photos of Bulgaria.
I already had this feeling in 2011, Bulgaria is so different from his neighbour Romania. In Bulgaria, not only the language, the alphabet, the culture is different, but lately the tradionnal farming methods were replaced by GMO intensive monoculture, the seaside was almost fully taken by resorts and hotels. Before reaching the Black Sea, we dreamt about camping on empty beaches but most of the time we ended up hiding our tent in forests or between empty appartment blocks… However, from the very first day to the last, the generosity and humanity of the people we met made the difference. Bulgarian people made us love Bulgaria.
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