Oct 072015
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Sphynx of the Carpatians

We’re now in Turkey, soon reaching the Dardanelle straight and crossing to a new continent =)

We finally published our photos of Romania. We stayed almost two months in Romania. We started in Maramures, a mountainous region dotted with small wooden churches, a land on the border with Ukraine where many farmers still work the land without machines. Then we went to Cluj Napoca, a charming student city with a nice atmosphere and bohemian cafés.

Shepherd and cow

After a weekend at the Art and activist festival of Rosia Montana, we headed to Transylvania, land of legends, colourful gypsy villages and fortified Saxon churches. In Brasov, our courageous friend Lena joined us for a tough ride on dirt roads in the Carpathian mountains. In Bucharest, we spent a whole week with our friends and travel buddies John and Ana. Nice cafés, Gypsy music fetivals, tasting Romanian food… We lately escaped city life to reach one last time the Danube on a muddy dirt road which led us to Bulgaria.
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Aug 162015
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Eastern Hungary

We’re now in Cluj Napoca, back from the biggest activist festival in Romania, the Fun Fest in Rosia Montana.

We recently published our photos from Eastern Hungary. We only cycled in the North-East of the country, mainly flat lands, corn fields, small villages along the Tisza River where we saw hundreds of storks… and of corse, we drunk some amazing white wine from the Tokaj region =)
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Aug 092015
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Here is our latest video : Czech Republic !

We tried to include some moments of life, from the rainy forests if Bohemia to the sunny wheat field landscapes of Moravia, from the ice creams by the road to the beers in local pubs, from the fire jugglers of Děčín to the traditionnal dances of South Moravian Hody… 🙂

Happy viewing 🙂
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Jun 092015
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Morning by the Canal in France

As you can see, I still suck at writing regular news 😉
We’re on the road for about 7 weeks now. We’ve crossed Switzerland, Bavaria, then reached the Czech border about 3 weeks ago. Since we are in Czech Republic, we follow mainly very small roads and explore the country in depth so we are a bit slow but we met amazing people and enjoy our time.

I wrote 2 new articles (in French) about the beginning of our journey. You can read them here or just check our pictures 😉
44. France (Fr)
45. Switzerland (Fr)

You can also visit the page of Justine (also in French) and listen to the freaky noise of the wild boar or discover some recipes from the road.


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Laufenburg, Switzerland

Nous sommes sur la route depuis environ 7 semaines. Après quelques jours en France nous avons traversé la Suisse, la Bavière puis la Bohème que nous arpentons du nord au sud et d’ouest en est depuis bientôt un mois! Dans les prochains jours, nous arriverons en Moravie du Sud.

Voici deux articles sur le début de notre voyage:
44. France
45. Suisse

N’hésitez pas à aller également jeter un petit coup d’oeil sur la page de Justine, vous pourrez y entendre l’effroyable cri du sanglier et y découvrir la recette du kaiserschmarnn.
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