Iran (2013)

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  1. hi my Dear freind
    I seen your site and injoed it,
    every night we ( me, my wife Pari & our son Amir Mohammad), talk about you and your nice live and your prominent motive.we belive that you are a very nice genius. you are not alone in Iran, we are here with you. be sure pleas.

  2. Hi Philip
    I am Hossein.I hope you be nice & haqve a good memory from Iran.
    you did not took my & my friend pics in your website.
    God bless you.
    your far friend Hossein. Iran. Isfahan

  3. Hi Hossein,
    I just didn’t have the time yet to even look at all my pics from Iran… check it in few months 😉
    Take care,

  4. hi jp
    how do you do
    i am teacher in golpayegan do you forget me?
    i like you for ever
    please send me few photos
    take care

  5. hi my dear friend
    how are you?
    are u ok?
    where are u now? how about your live? every things is going on??
    can I have your new phone number?
    take care.

  6. Hi Morteza, I just arrived in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. I don’t even have a phone number yet. I am back from the Pamir, this was an amazing ride over the mountains. I was cycling higher than I even went on foot before 🙂

  7. hi Jean Philippe
    are you fine boy?
    we are visited you in traditional Cafe’ in Tehran…(lunch time)& you like smoke shisha(ghelyan)!
    do you remember 3 musketeer???! 😉
    we are from Kurdistan of iran…
    take care yourself & your Camera+Bike….be happy…be our eyes all around the world…
    maybe see you again in the corner of the world!!!why not…………………………………….

  8. hi JP
    Thank you for putting photos from Iran!
    best regards!

  9. hey dear JP,
    hope everything goes well, thanks for the nice photos, great moment we spent here which we never forget, say our hello to your girlfriend too, i read that she joined you, how nice she did, 😉
    and BIG thanks to introduce Iran as a nice country to the world even nicer with your AMAZING photos…
    you are an artist the great one, a genius, wise friend whom to get knowledge about everything from…
    i know that you learn lots of things and become more mature through your journey, good for you… 🙂
    enjoy your wonderful life…
    best regards from here ” the other part of the world”
    looking forward for your next memories…

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