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Please, ask me if you wish to use any photo or material from this site. Thank you!
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  1. Dear Mr Lemming,
    My name is Mohammad Reza Amani and I love watercolor painting.
    I saw your photos on And a few pictures for painting saw fit. Your photos are very beautiful .I wanted to paint some of them . Do you want to allow this?
    Thank You.

  2. Hi Mohammed Reza, I’ve answered you by email. Have a nice day 😉

  3. Hi Dear Justine & Philipe
    I don’t know when you can see this msg
    Tonight we are together , O.Hotel in Yazd. I’m Neda and I was born in Nancy-France. remeber me? :)))
    I had wonderful time with you and said to myself why I didn’t come near to you sooner and didn’t talk about your trip and etc.
    Perhaps I thought you don’t like it or bother of you.
    sorry for these happening in here but I hope you forget it and safe and good travel in Iran and another countries.
    Thanks for came here and your beautiful photos in your site
    I shy for ask that see your bicycle, I saw in your pictures, that was great. special I like Justine bicycle :))) It’s so good for use in city too, perhaps if I found this bicycle in Iran someday I use it
    and Thanks a lot for share animations and etc
    I hope we see each other soon
    I like we have photos together, but I shy again and I know you had hard day and was so tired.
    Sorry for my writing have a lot of mistake, you know my English is not good.

    Your little sister Ned;)

  4. Dear Brave Lemming
    I am writing you on behalf of Bononia University Press, the publisher of the University of Bologna in Italy ( because we would like to publish your photo “Searching a way”
    on the cover of the book “Mi chiamo Ruza e il mio nome finisce in A” by Domenico Mantovani, winner of the Todaro-Faranda Prize 2016.
    If you can give your permission to publish it we would like to put your name on the copyright page and to send you a copy of the book.
    Waiting for your reply, I send you my best regards and my congratulations for your beautiful works and acitivity.

    Andrea Bonazzi

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