Dec 282015
Hi there,

We’re sitting on colourful persian carpets in a teahouse of Shiraz in Iran. It became a bit complicated to send some news in that last weeks. We finally uploaded online our photos from the two amazing months we spent in Turkey.

Near Demre, Southern Turkey

You can now have a look here at our photos of Turkey.
We spend autumn (october and November) slowly heading south, crossing Western Turkey then following the Aegean coastal roads across wonderful hilly landscapes with a very long history, many ruins from the ancient greek cities and temples. We cycled then along the Mediterranean coast, dotted with sarcophagus and lycian tombs carved in the rock. Southern Turkey was among the most beautiful places we’ve crossed in our lives. I was delightful to cycled along the pristine water, share the hospitality of locals, fill our stomach with delicious pastries and camp in the nature, watching sunset for hours on the sea.

Holy Shrine in Qom, Iran

Our original plan was to cycle in Eastern Turkey and reach Tabriz from there but it would have been crazy to attempt to cross the Anatolian mountains in December, when roads are covered with snow and nights can reach minus 25 degrees. After hesitating for many weeks, we decided to go back to Istanbul and take a plane there to Tehran. Since we are in Iran, we had snow and freezing nights in the north so we cycled south as fast as we could to reach better temperatures… You can already have a look at some of our first photos of Iran. Some more will be added very soon =)
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Mar 112013
Hi there,

Today, I hitchhiked from Trabzon (in Eastern Turkey) to Tbilisi. I went to Trabzon because it is said to be the easiest place to obtain an Iranian Visa. I applied on Friday morning and couple of hours later I had the precious paper in hands.

Trabzon sea and the Anatolian Mountains

At the Iranian Embassy, I met Kat and Alex, a couple from Australia travelling on a tandem bicycle. Meeting them was so cool that I decided to stay longer in Trabzon. We spent most of our time sharing travel stories around glasses of cay (Turkish tea), delicious salep or hookah. We also hitchhiked together to the vertiginous Sumela Monastery up in the hills South of Trabzon .

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery

In Trabzon I also met Jacques, a very friendly French guy travelling on a recumbent bike to Hong-Kong. The four of us shared more of less the same travel plan, head East across Iran and Central Asia!

Yesterday, after a delicious curry prepared by the Australians and couple of glasses of wine, we wished each other a safe and wonderful journey… I’m pretty sure we will meet again on the road. Maybe in Kyrgyzstan this summer? Maybe before? 🙂

Uzungöl, a village in Anatolia

Now, I am back in the land of Khachapuri (flat bread filled with Georgian cheese). I will stay about a week in Tbilisi, fill my stomach with Georgian food and say goodbye to my friends before heading to the cold and snowy and mountains of Armenia. Right now, I don’t know if the passes aren’t still covered with snow but I’m pretty sure that winter isn’t finished yet…

I also decided that I would publish this week few articles about Georgia last year.

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Jun 262012
Hi Guys,

Sunset on the road near Edirne

I wrote an article (in French) about my cycling from Istanbul to Bulgaria. Tina left by plane and now I am cycling alone, crossing Istanbul at night, sleeping outside or in some petrol station, getting lost in the night under a storm… lot of fun 🙂

Here is a link for the article and photos:
La Turquie en solo (en français)

Enjoy 🙂
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Jun 252012
Hi Guys,

Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul

I wrote a new article (in French) about one of the craziest part of our travel : 300 kilometres on the highway to Istanbul. A bit of adventure, angry dogs at night, broken pedal, crazy traffic, great food, and above all the unbelievable Turkish hospitality 🙂

Here is a link for the article and photos:
La Turquie jusqu’à Istanbul (en français)

Enjoy 🙂
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